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  • Securing Business Loans

    To present yourself as a trustworthy business person, dependable enough to repay borrowed money, you need to first understand the basic principles of banking. Your chances for receiving a loan will greatly improve if you can see your proposal through a banker's eyes and appreciate the position that they are coming from.

    Tips and Highlights

    • Do Your Research

    • Write a Business Plan

    • Have an Accountant Prepare Historical Financial Documents

    • Line Up Documents

  • 5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Business

    Starting a new business can be a very exciting, but very busy time with so much to be done and so little time to do it. If you expect to have employees, there are a few federal and state forms and applications that you will need to be completed to get your business up and running. That's where a tax professional can help.

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    What To Consider

    • Business Structure

    • Employer Identification Number ( EIN )

    • State Withholding, Unemployment, Sales, and other Business Taxes

    • Payroll Record Keeping

    • Employee Healthcare

  • What Kind of Collateral Can You Use to Secure a Loan?

    The practice of offering high-value assets as collateral for secured business loans has been around for years—several hundreds of them, actually. And collateral is still very important when it comes to getting approved for financing today. So let’s go over what you can offer up to get a secured business loan.

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    What Qualifies?

    • Property

    • Savings

    • Invoices

    • Inventory

    • Blanket Liens


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